Safety Engineer

According to Law 3850/2010, all companies employing at least one employee with an employment relationship are obliged to have a Safety Engineer.

Duties of a Safety Engineer:
  • Written and oral suggestions on matters relating to occupational safety and the prevention of accidents at work
  • Control of the safety of installations and technical means
  • Supervising the implementation of occupational safety and accident prevention measures
  • Supervision of working conditions with reference to the employer for any omissions in security measures and submission of proposals for countermeasures
  • Supervision for the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Investigations on the causes of work accidents.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the results of investigations to prevent similar incidents
  • Advice on planning, design and maintenance of facilities
  • Advice on how to shape and adjust various positions and the work environment
  • The drafting of an Occupational Risk Assessment Study for the company
  • And finally, the handling of issues that have to do with audits of the Regional Directorate of Safety and Health at Work. In particular, everything that should be taken into account by the employer in order to ensure the safety and health of workers, to avoid accidents at work and to avoid fines of the Labor Inspectorate in potential audits.


Employer’s obligations with regard to the safety and health of workers:

  • Employment of a Safety Engineer in special cases (personnel over 50 or work requiring special medical monitoring of employees) and an Occupational Physician.
  • Possession of a special safety book containing suggestions and advice from a safety engineer, certified by the competent Regional Directorate of Safety and Health at Work.
  • Possession of an Accident Book and a special index book on Hazardous Environmental Factors.
  • Own an Occupational Risk Assessment (ORA) study from the Safety Engineer.
  • Take all necessary Collective Protection measures and provide workers with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • To educate and inform employees on safety and health issues at work.
  • Ensure maintenance and safe operation of facilities and facilities.
  • Announce occupational accidents to the competent Regional Directorate of Safety and Health at Work within 24 hours

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