Relaunching the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” program

Which households are eligible for funding?

Eligible residences include detached houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments (with no further requirements) that meet the following criteria:

They are located in areas with price zone lower than or equal to 2,100 € / .
They have been classified, through an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), in a category lower or equal to D.

There is no limit to the number of properties owned by a citizen. In apartment buildings, equity participation is offered to the owners who do not wish to join the program. Vacant apartments that have been inhabited within the last three years are also included.

If the EPC has been issued based on the previous Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (KENAK), it will not be accepted.

Who can join the program – With what incentives?

It is possible to take a four-, five-, or 6-year loan, with or without a guarantor, without mortgage lien on a property, with immediate repayment option with no extra charges, and payment of the suppliers/ contractors through the bank without any involvement of the citizen. By joining the program, an advance payment of 40% of the application budget is made.

In order to be eligible for the program, energy audits are required (before and after the interventions), the cost of which is 100% covered by the Program after the successful implementation of the project.

Additionally, consultant fees up to € 250 without VAT are covered.

Which projects can be funded?

The savings achieved by program interventions must correspond to an energy category upgrade or to the 30% of energy consumption by the reference building.

Proposed interventions:

Replacement of window frames and shading systems
A. Sliding or Double Sliding
B. Opening
C. Only glass panes
D. Fixed exterior shading systems and shutters

Implementation of a thermal insulation system in the building shell including the roof and the ground floor parking
A. External thermal insulation of the roof and the ground floor parking
B. External thermal insulation of remaining building shell
C. Internal wall insulation

Heating and hot water supply system upgrade
A. Central heating system
B. Individual (wall-mounted) burner – boiler
C. Automatic control system regulating the operation of the heating system
D. System with main use of RES or CHP
E. Solar thermal systems for hot water supply

The maximum eligible expenditure per intervention (intervention sub-category) will be specified in the Implementation Guide of the program.

Implementation of the interventions does not require authorization, or even approval of small-scale construction works, except in very specific cases.
The maximum eligible budget for interventions, including VAT. (which is an eligible cost for the Program) should not exceed € 15,000 per property.

Steps required to participate in the Program

1. Loan pre-approval (only in case of a loan, since the program can also be implemented with self-financing)
2. First energy audit.
3. Submission of application and supporting documents.
4. Submission of interested party’s request – signing a loan agreement – disbursement of an advance.
5. Implementation of Interventions – Second Energy Review.
6. Submission of supporting documents – disbursement of first instalment.

The participation in the program is a continuous process as long as the resources of each region allow it.


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