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Energy audit of installations

The European Union has adopted Directive 2002/91/ EC on the control and improvement of the energy performance of buildings. This Directive provides for the energy audit or inspection of buildings and their electromechanical installations by independent accredited experts, Energy Auditors, with the ultimate goal of proposing an energy label for the building. By the Law 3661/08 issued by the Greek State efforts are being made to comply with EU provisions and the Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (KENAK).

An energy audit is the process of assessing actual energy consumption in an energy system and identifying opportunities to reduce the energy expense.

An Energy Audit includes the recording of energy consumption and its characteristics, the appropriate measuring of significant energy and other values, the processing of the measurement results and, finally, the identification of specific energy saving measures based on the above energy analysis.

By conducting an Energy Audit, the situation in which the company is in, from an energy point of view, becomes clear, and concrete measures are proposed, the implementation of which will result in significant energy savings and economic benefits.



Business Facilities Energy Upgrade “GO GREEN”-Project Management

Energy is an integral part of economic activity. Every business is totally dependent on the energy flow.

Businesses are greatly affected by increased operating costs, while the “energy footprint” of the facilities is particularly high.

The energy audit focuses on the techno-economic analysis of energy savings, which

lists in detail the cost-effectiveness ratio of each proposed intervention, as well as an extensive calculation of the emission reduction due to energy consumption. The energy audit process is as follows:


  1. Recording of the company’s energy profile, through the following tasks:

  • Collecting data of building’s shell
  • Collecting data of surrounding area
  • Precise recording of electromechanical equipment, i.e.: luminaires, heating – air conditioning systems etc.
  • Installation of measuring equipment to identify individual consumptions
  1. Identification and detailed recording of potential energy saving interventions based on the specificities of each business and assessment of the energy and environmental benefits of each intervention.

  2. An economic evaluation (cost-benefit comparison) of each potential energy saving intervention.



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