The project involved the complete renovation of all the electromechanical installations of an existing house and its extension by the creation of an additional STUDIO APARTMENT for guests, an outdoor gym, a bar and a six-person spa

Fan Coil of the Italian brand “Climaveneta i-Slim” and dizain Fan Coil of the French brand “Atlantic” were the selected air-conditioning systems. Two 16kW Inverter Carrier heat pumps were installed in parallel mode. One of them helps in hot water supply via a controller, when the sun power is not enough.

To meet the hot water needs, a 300-liter tank with two large exchangers, suitable for operation with solar panels and a heat pump, was placed in the engine room. On the roof three MAADDROS solar panels were installed to ensure high performance throughout the year. The system is controlled by a Taconova differential controller. The system also controls the recirculation of hot water to optimize its use.

The water is distributed throughout the facility with two pumps. One for the needs of the house that is controlled by an inverter for constant pressure in the taps, and one for the needs of automatic irrigation.

Next to the existing pool, a new six-person spa was designed and built to serve the owners. The Spa has four seating positions and two lounges. It has 12 water jets in the seats and 24 jets on the lounges. It also features a 32-nozzle air blower on both the floor and the seats.

All electrical and plumbing installations were designed and built from scratch according to the wishes of the owners.

Finally, Pentair’s Ultrafiltration Centralized Reverse Osmosis System was installed to ensure clean and healthy drinking water.

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